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Welcome! Below is the index linking all the films reviewed on this site

Aaron Loves Angela (1975) – Bittersweet “Romeo and Juliet” fable set in the urban jungle.
The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe (1954) – Luis Bunuel’s adaptation of the literary classic.
The Alien Factor (1978) – Don Dohler’s regional classic.
Argoman, The Fantastic Superman (1967) – Well, not that fantastic.

Bad Company (1972) – Jeff Bridges and Barry Brown go west.
The Ballad of Cable Hogue (1970) – Lighthearted Sam Peckinpah western.
Bandolero! (1968) – Raquel Welch straps on a six-gun.
Beast of Yucca Flats (1961) – It really is one of the worst films ever made!
Bigfoot (1970) – Does anyone love this movie as much as I do?
Blue (1968) – Oddball western with Terence Stamp.
Born to Be Loved (1959) – Under-appreciated Hugo Haas effort, well worth a look (or two).
Brain Dead (1990) – Nifty Roger Corman sci-fi thriller.
El Bruto (1953) – Luis Buñuel Mexican melodrama.
Bucktown (1975) – Fred Williamson wipes out the white establishment.
Bury Me an Angel (1971) – Interesting “feminist” variation on the biker genre.

Caged Heat (1974) – If you see only one “women’s prison” movie…
Canadian Pacific (1974) – Classic David Rimmer experimental short.
Cape Canaveral Monsters (1960) – Phil Tucker’s “other” great sci-fi.
Carnival Rock (1957) – Roger Corman melodrama, with rock.
Chained for Life (1952) – Classic exploitation with the Hilton sisters.
The Cheyenne Social Club (1970) – Comedy western with Jimmy Stewart and Henry Fonda.
Christopher’s Movie Matinee (1968) – NFB goes to hip Yorkville.
Chrome and Hot Leather (1971) – William Smith biker action!
The Creation of the Humanoids (1962) – Andy Warhol’s favourite movie?
The Cricket (1980) – Saucy melodrama with Clio Goldsmith.
Crime Zone (1988) – Roger Corman post-apoc.
The Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la Cruz (1955) – Interesting Luis Bunuel black comedy.
A Cry in the Wild (1990) – Excellent family adventure from Roger Corman.
Current (1982) – Ellie Epp experimental film.
Cyclone Alley Ceramics (2000) – More fun from George Kuchar.

Daddy-O (1958) – Awesome JD action!
Damaged Lives (1933) – The dangers of VD, from Edgar G. Ulmer!
Dance Hall Racket (1953) – Classic Phil Tucker exposé with Lenny Bruce!
Danger: Diabolik (1968) – Supervillain wreaks havoc in Mario Bava’s classic.
Death in the Garden (1956) – Interesting French film from Luis Bunuel.
Dementia / Daughter of Horror (1953-55) – One of a kind underground horror.
Desert Veils (1992) – Interesting experimental documentary.
Desperate (1947) – Early Anthony Mann noir.
Doc (1971) – Revisionist western with Stacy Keach.
Don’t Knock the Rock (1956) – Alan Freed rock film with Bill Haley!
Dracula’s Last Rites (1980) – The Fondas battle vampires.
Dune Warriors (1990) – Late-entry Roger Corman post-apoc.
The Dynamite Brothers (1974) – A good movie from Al Adamson. No, really!

Eat My Dust! (1976) – Ron Howard rips up highways.
Edge of Hell (1956) – Hugo Haas’s finest hour?
El (1953) – Important early Luis Buñuel Mexican film.
El Condor (1970) – Amusing western adventure.
Energies (1957) – Jim Davis experimental classic.
Energy Energy (1999) – Karel Doing experimental short

Fear in the Night (1947) – Neat film noir, also DeForest Kelley’s debut.
Ferry Cross the Mersey (1965) – Gerry and the Pacemakers!
Fiend (1980) – Regional horror masterpiece.
The Final Comedown (1972) – Excellent socially charged cinema.
Follow Me Quietly (1949) – Nifty film noir.
Four Times That Night (1969) – Oddball “sex farce” from Mario Bava.
Frankenstein’s Daughter (1958) – Mary Shelley in the suburbs.

Galaxy Invader (1985) – Hilarious rednecks versus space monster.
The Gatling Gun (1971) – Can’t go wrong for a buck!
Gator Bait (1974) – Swamp revenge with Claudia Jennings.
Ghetto Freaks (1970) – Awesome hippie counterculture junk.
The Ghost Goes Gear (1966) – A haunted house and the Spencer Davis Group.
Girls in the Night (1953) – Early teen “problem picture” with Eric Von Zipper!
The Glory Stompers (1967) – Grimy Dennis Hopper biker classic.
Go, Johnny, Go (1959) – The last (and best) Alan Freed rock film with Chuck Berry, Ritchie Valens, Eddie Cochran, many others.
Goldface, The Fantastic Superman (1967) – Not that fantastic.
El Gran Calavera (1949) – Obscure Luis Buñuel farce.
The Great Texas Dynamite Chase (1974) – Awesome Claudia Jennings southern-fried action.
The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid (1972) – Scruffy account of the infamous James Gang robbery.
A Gunfight (1971) – Interesting western with Johnny Cash!

Hannie Caulder (1972) – Raquel Welch rides the revenge trail.
The Hard Part Begins (1973) – Excellent Canadian film.
The Hard Road (1970) – Hard drugs and… educational film?
Having a Wild Weekend (1965) – With the Dave Clark Five.
He Walked By Night (1948) – Classic film noir.
Hollywood Boulevard (1976) – The Player, Roger Corman style!
Hot Tomorrows (1977) – Cult film deserving of a wider audience.
The Human Duplicators (1965) – George Nader saves the world.

Illusion Travels by Streetcar (1953) – Delightful Luis Buñuel romp.
Impulses (1959) – Classic Jim Davis experimental short.
It Conquered the World (1956) – The Roger Corman classic.

J-Men Forever! (1979) – Hilarious mash-up of movie serials.
Jack’s Wife (1972) – Interesting effort by George Romero.
Jackson County Jail (1976) – Strong rural drama.
Journey to the Center of Time (1967) – Time travel on a K-Mart budget.

Keep My Grave Open (1976) – Excellent regional horror.
Kid Blue (1973) – Underrated western with Dennis Hopper.
Kriminal (1966) – Adaptation of the fumetto supervillain.

The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean (1972) – A tall tale about the famed judge west of the Pecos.
Lightplay Black Gray (1930) – Vintage abstract film.
The Long Night (1947) – Underrated film noir remake of a French classic.
Lover Boy (1975) – Edwige Fenech sizzles, sex comedy fizzles.

Maas Observation (1997) – Experimental short by Karel Doing and Greg Pope.
The Magic Christmas Tree (1964) – A lump of coal for all!
The Mark of Kriminal (1968) – More supervillain action.
The Master Touch (1972) – Italian caper with Kirk Douglas and Giuliano Gemma.
McCabe & Mrs. Miller (1971) – Classic revisionist western.
Mean Frank and Crazy Tony (1973) – Lee Van Cleef gets out of prison and gets even!
Mexican Bus Ride (1952) – Luis Buñuel potboiler.
Missile to the Moon (1958) – Great space junk.
Mister Rock and Roll (1957) – Alan Freed and the history of rock!
Mister X (1967) – Euro-superhero action!
Mrs. Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter (1968) – Herman’s Hermits
Munchies (1987) – Roger Corman rips off Gremlins.

Nadja (1994) – A future cult classic.
Nazarin (1959) – Luis Bunuel classic.
New Year’s Day (1989) – One of Henry Jaglom’s better works.
Nightbeast (1982) – Don Dohler sci-fi horror.
Nocturne (1996) – Hypnotic short film.
The Nun and the Bandit (1992) – Odd Australian film from Paul Cox.

Los Olvidados (1950) – Luis Bunuel’s classic.
One Shocking Moment (1965) – A gripping tale of morals from Ted V. Mikels.

Panic in the City (1968) – Howard Duff prevents an atomic bomb.
Paradise Alley (1962) – Hugo Haas makes a movie.
The Perfect Killer (1977) – Eurocrime with Lee Van Cleef.
Phantom Lady (1944) – Spellbinding noir classic.
Phenomenal and the Treasure of Tutankamun (1968) – Fun superhero caper.
Pit Stop (1969) – Roger Corman hot rod action!
Pitfall (1948) – Classic noir with Dick Powell and Lizabeth Scott.
Private Duty Nurses (1971) – Underrated Roger Corman “Nurse” entry.

Railroaded (1947) – Terrific Anthony Mann noir.
Raw Deal (1948) – Excellent Anthony Mann noir.
Red (1970) – Unsung Canadian arthouse-exploitation.
Red Zone Cuba (1965) – Coleman Francis action junk.
Reefer Madness (1936) – Faster! Faster!
Ride in the Whirlwind (1966) – Jack Nicholson / Monte Hellman “existential” western.
Rock All Night (1957) – Awesome early Roger Corman vehicle.
Rock Around the Clock (1956) – The first Alan Freed rock film, with Bill Haley and His Comets!
Rock, Rock, Rock! (1956) – Can Tuesday Weld scratch up the thirty bucks for a prom dress?

Satanik (1968) – The comic supervillain comes alive… kind of.
Scared to Death (1980) – Alien rip-off on Earth.
Screams of a Winter Night (1979) – Regional horror anthology.
Second Wind (1976) – Classic Canadian sports drama.
The Single Girls (1974) – Unusual sex thriller with Claudia Jennings.
Sisters of Death (1977) – Revenge horror with Claudia Jennings.
The Skateboard Kid (1993) – Juvenile Roger Corman fantasy.
Skip Tracer (1977) – Classic Canadian feature.
The Skydivers (1963) – Coleman Francis morality play.
Smoke and Flesh (1968) – Wasn’t that a party!
So Sad About Gloria (1973) – Regional horror thriller.
Some Call It Loving (1973) – One of the most haunting film experiences I’ve ever had.
Song of the Firefly (2002) – Excellent experimental short.
Sorority Girl (1957) – Interesting Roger Corman teensploitation.
Starhops (1978) – Oh, how they deliver!
Straight to Hell (1987) – Alex Cox’s spaghetti western satire.
Strange Impersation (1946) – Early Anthony Mann noir.
Stranger on the Third Floor (1940) – Often considered the first film noir, and it’s a good one!
Superargo and the Faceless Giants (1968) – Better than the original.
Superargo Versus Diabolicus (1966) – The UHF classic.
Susana (1950) – Luis Buñuel potboiler.
Swamp Women (1956) – Fun in the bayou Roger Corman action.

Targets (1968) – Boris Karloff’s last great film.
Teenage Doll (1957) – Awesome Roger Corman JD classic.
The Terror Within (1989) – Roger Corman post-apoc Alien rip-off.
Three Fantastic Supermen (1967) – The first of many.
A Time for Killing (1967) – Glenn Ford sqaures off with George Hamilton.
Tormented (1960) – Suspenseful ghost story from Bert I. Gordon.

Ulzana’s Raid (1972) – Excellent 70s western.

Wedding in White (1972) – Canadian classic with Carol Kane and Donald Pleasence.
The Werewolf of Washington (1973) – Watergate-era horror.
The White Orchid (1954) – Peggie Castle finds lust in the dust.
Whirlwind (1998) – Nifty experimental short.
A Woman Without Love (1952) – Luis Buñuel potboiler.
Wuthering Heights (1954) – Luis Buñuel’s adaptation of the literary classic.

The Young One (1960) – Underrated Luis Buñuel effort.